President’s Message

President’s Message

A. Adinarayana

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to our members and giving me an opportunity to serve our organization as first servant. In the present scenario caste,
creed, religion, regional differences that are leading to individuals in different attitudes. This is the time for everyone involved in promoting for building harmony for a peaceful Society for progress and work like a solder to develop the skills of integrity.

It is a responsibility to strength of our organization by inducting life members and followed by membership. It is possible by implementing YOGA i.e. You one get one. If every member introduces one new life member, we can achieve our targets. Let us celebrate the get together with more achievers of Vysya Samaj at a holy place in January 2011, The mission of Samaj to have Corpus fund to enable us to the support of Education, Text book banks, and helping the victims of the families who have lost everything in a disaster.

Create harmony with friendship

Achieve Progress with good leadership

Share whit unity and giving service to the needy people.

Affectionately Yours.




Namaskar and Greetings


I warmly invite you and your family members to the special and great 15th Anniversary of our Society. It is indeed my pleasure to welcome to Resident of India and NRIs of the world to be members of our great Samaj.

As you are aware my colleagues and I have been working hard to make years of planning, preparation and countless volunteering hours lending to the various Socio, Cultural, Charitable activities of our Samaj to retain richness of our glorious heritage, the amazing breadth of your talents, strength our purposes and the robust spirit of our members, who made this possible to remain as leaders of our country for over a decade.

You will find sample evidence of creativity, commitment, quite pride and diversity of thoughts that make our human values collectively strong our influence palpably positive and our experience cultural rich. It is indeed helping a lot to our honorable members for day to day life.

Our Samaj has been regularly organizing / conducting Voluntary Blood Donation Camps, Free Mega Health Check up Camps, Cultural activities, Social activities for upliftment, regular Sports and Games meets, Samaj Get-togethers in various areas, Maa Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Puja, Karthik Vana Bhojanams, Seminars cum Workshops for betterment of children and also Vocation activities.

I am also very happy to mention to note that our members of Samaj from all over the Country and Abroad have been growing at ratio of 15% every year during the last 15 years.

We are proud as our members have created various business activities including entrepreneurs activities such as setting of Industrial houses, Agriculture, Horticulture Industries, high profile manufacturing and trading with electronic, electrical, mechanical, fabrication and manufacturing and exporting Indian Handlooms, Handicrafts, Hospitality and Service Industry earning foreign exchange for the Country.

And also Professional and high and recognized qualified Doctors in various fields, Lawyers, Company Secretary, Engineers in various fields, professional in Information Technology (IT), Certified Accountants all over the Country and Abroad, became recognized as community of self earners recording and recognized by the public. The mass public of our Country have helped for the growth of this community.

Your “Help Odisha” efforts to extend helping hand to the Odisha flood victims were very successful and elevating by contributing donations for building shelter home in flood affected area. Our newly introduced activities of entertainments enthralled hundreds in various areas.

The KVS constitution has served us for years, but times have changed needing further reform, precision and adoption. I invite you to be a life member of our Samaj and wish you a most joyous and meaningful Association. I wish all the best.