How to Join

How to Join the Kalinga Vysya Samaj (Delhi – NCR)

Any Samaj thrives on the will of its members to inculcate oneness among themselves. Physically it sustains itself through financial contributions from its members and subscription monies.

Presently, this Samaj has the following classes of memberships:


S. No Class of Membership Membership Fee* Eligibility to Join Special Remarks
1 Life Member Rs. 5,000 only 1.    Any person from Kalinga Vysya Community, aged above 18 years


2.    Residing in Delhi or NCR region.

This provides full voting and participation rights during the 5 yearly elections to the Governing Body apart from participation rights in all Kalinga Vysya Samaj gatherings for life time.

Membership ceases on death / resignation / separation

2 Patron Member Rs. 15,000 only Any Life Member of the Samaj It is a one time donation to the Samaj

*   For further details on membership please contact Treasurer, Mr. Ashok Boyina (M:  9312210058 / 8802666611)

For Joining the Samaj, one can approach any one of the President / Secretary / Treasurer and intimate the intention to join the Samaj. The Secretary will send the application form and payment instructions. One may also pay either in cash or by crossed cheque favoring “Kalinga vysya Samaj, New Delhi” payable in New Delhi.